Monday, November 9, 2009

Shop At Home & Merry Madagascar Deal

Have you heard of Shop At Home? If you shop over the web, this is a great portal to earn cash back on your purchases. I'm sure you've been on your some of your favorite sites and have seen banner ads or links for various stores. If you click on the ad or link and purchase something, the person that placed that ad receives an affiliate fee on your purchase. Shop At Home is like that link, except they share their profit with you. You can earn cash back, up to 30%, from your favorite stores like : Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, The Children's Place, Amazon, Best Buy and the list goes on. This is FREE my friends, FREE to enroll! You just need a valid email address. You can score some amazing deals and earn cash back.Once you reach $20 in your account, you receive a check and they mail checks monthly! I have a few deals that I will post.

Starting with:
Merry Madagascar DVD at Wal-Mart

My boys love Madagascar...have you seen the new Penguins of Madagascar show? You can pre-order the Christmas DVD and have it shipped for FREE to your home. Here's how you can get it for $5 and earn $5 in your Shop At Home account, plus earn 2%.

1. Join Shop At Home through
here .
2. Enter in Wal-Mart in the Shop At Home Search Box

3. Purchase Merry Madagascar DVD through their Wal-Mart link

4. Earn $5 from Shop At Home + get back 2% on your purchase

So easy a caveman could do it. Sorry, I couldn't resist the caveman reference.

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